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This 21st century ginseng helps you achieve a completely – balanced energy – manage stress remarkably – improves your sleep – supports hormone balance – blood sugar balance -improved virility and sexual function – many more benefits.

How is all this possible?

The key is the optimum extract of Ginseng and then through a patented enzyme fermentation process create the metabolite form of the extract which has a 15 times increased absorption and 4 times faster absorption.

So how good is the ginseng extract that has such an improved absorption? The simple answer is the world's best Ginseng Extract.

Over the last 35 years Ilhwa mastered the process to create the most balancing and efficacious ginseng extract.

Worldwide doctors talk about Ilhwa Ginseng as being the most effective product for their patients which supports such a broad range of protocols. Because Ilhwa Ginseng is so balanced yet high potency it fulfills its role as an adaptogen which brings the body into homestatic balance. This is not like ginseng which if process by other companies.


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